Pack Your Bags with Healthy Habits

Pack Your Bags with Healthy Habits

Traveling to a new city, visiting a new landmark, or even journeying to a new country is an exciting adventure. As you explore, it can be easy to let your health take a back seat. Give yourself the energy boost you need to make the most of your travel this year with these simple nutrition travel tips. 

  1. Mental well-being is just as important as nutritional health. Plan ahead so you’re not overly stressed. From airport security, to long-distance road trips, to cramped car space, there’s plenty to ruffle your feathers during travel.
    • Plan some extra time to get from point A to point B.
    • Research destinations before you leave.
    • Make an itinerary.
  2. Pack a journal to document your travels. You can always look back through the pages and recall more than you could remember from just a snapshot and social media post.
  3. Keep supplementation easy by separating your daily supplements in a pillbox. This way, you’ll have the exact amount you need in one container while you’re away from home.  
  4. Bring healthy, low-glycemic snacks with you. You’ll save money, fuel your body with better nutrients, and won’t become a “hangry” traveler.  
    Pack snacks like:
    • Unsalted almonds or pecans
    • Protein powder
    • Baked sweet potato chips
    • Fresh berries
    • Sliced carrots, celery, or peppers
    • Chickpea hummus 
  5. Always bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during long flights or car rides. As you travel, it’s easy to get caught up in the experience and get dehydrated. If you’re on a plane for hours or at a hot beach or desert location, your body will need extra hydration.  
  6. When traveling through time zones, try to stay awake until the sun sets in your new location. It can be so tempting to fall victim to jet lag, but your body will adjust much better if you can get it in sync with your new time zone.
  7. If you’re worried about being a night owl, pack ear plugs, lavender oil, or an eye mask, to help you get a restful night's sleep. 

Pack your bags, grab a journal, and start your new adventure with small, healthy steps to support your sightseeing best.

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