About Us


About Us

Hi everyone, 

What and who is behind the Fitness Amazons boutique. 


We are from Quebec City, CANADA.


We are gym addicts. Although we are not athletes, we do workout mostly every day and participate in various amateur sporting events.


We believe success in life comes from passion; our passion is about keeping fit and eating well; this is why we promote great training and activewear for women.


In the Fitness Amazons boutique, most importantly, we offer a personalised service. 


We think that shopping online should be as pleasant as entering in your favorite store where you personally know the person behind the counter and you know you will have a great personalised service.


All our products are selected carefully. We try to find new and original collections that will give you an edge with style.


We truly hope you will like your experience in our boutique ! 


Sylvie Bourdin (owner)